RenewLA Programs

RenewLA’s programs are designed to bridge and connect underserved youth with working professionals to give students exposure to diverse fields of expertise.

Students will have the opportunity to explore potential future careers, gain experience, and build lasting relationships. With budget cuts in public school systems at an all time high, many students from Los Angeles schools may never have the chance to explore and be part of programs that reveal their potential and passion.

But unlike many other organizations, RenewLA’s programs constantly evolve and change in order to expose students to a wide range of professional fields. This unique framework allows those who are just embarking on their journey into the work force to connect and learn from those who are already on their path.

Students can choose the career related track that appeals most to them and be placed in a small group with others who share their passion. Each group goes through an extensive curriculum created and implemented by young professionals who are currently working in the field. At the end of the nine-week program, groups will work towards completing a culminating project in which students are given a platform to showcase the new skills they’ve learned. New programs will be rolled out every semester and this fall, RenewLA is excited to announce the launch of two programs:

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